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Ohio's 9th Congressional seat

January 16th, 2018

Today, I am pleased to announce my candidacy for Ohio’s 9th Congressional District’s seat in the U.S. Congress.

A congressional seat can be the most powerful office in the free world: able to impeach a president or embrace the president’s policies for the betterment of all races, creeds, colors, and religions. This office is able to bring badly needed judicial reform and renewed hope to those unfairly persecuted by our legal system. Currently, our Congress lacks fundamental leadership for the people, because they do not listen to the people, and this has been detrimental in providing an atmosphere of prosperity and opportunity for all Americans. We need more warriors willing to fight forward and not swamp creatures’ content with the status quo. Presently, there is a renewed public vigor to hold Congress accountable to the people and not to the financial institutions, corporations, or special interests, and are centered in the hopes of restoring greater freedoms, less taxes, and a more stable and secure life.

It is within the Legislative Branch that the most crucial decisions of this decade must be made:  how to secure our borders and eliminate the illegal drug trade that kills our children, how to stop illegal immigration, how to renegotiate bad trade deals that have impoverished too many American families and put American businesses at a disadvantage in the global marketplace. It is necessary that we send a message that terrorism against any American, anywhere in the world, will never be tolerated, and will be met with the full weight of America's military might. We should know how to rebuild the stature of American science and research, to once again reach to the heavens and lead the world in harnessing the power of the atom and how to prevent the collapse of our agricultural economy while saving our environment and our lakes, river, and streams. Recognizing how to combat political and judicial corruption within our own organizations, and to maintain such transparency as to keep our system of laws and order above reproach and finally, how to give direction to our moral purpose. It is my heartfelt desire to awaken within every young American the dignity, pride, and opportunities that are afforded to them in their individual pursuit of self reliance, excellence, and the American dream.

These are among the real issues of 2018, and it is on the-basis of these issues that the American people must make their fateful choice for their future. We are faced with the greatest threat to freedom mankind has known in his long climb from the swamp to the stars. The threat of falling prey to a government that tries to provide all things to all people, and in doing so destroys those same people's economy, robs them of their prosperity and sentences them to a dark future. There can be no security anywhere in the free world if there is not first fiscal and economic stability within the United States.

In the past months, I have toured Ohio’s 9th Congressional District and I have talked to Democrats, Republicans, and people in all walks of life. Unequivocally, the response is that they want government out of their lives, out of their way, and for government to focus on its constitutional duties. My candidacy is, therefore, based not on hubris, but on the conviction that I can win both the nomination and the election.

I believe that any Republican aspirant to this important nomination should be willing to submit to the voters their personal views, records, and competence in a series of contests. I am, therefore, now announcing my intention to debate all opponents.

I believe that the Republican Party has promised to Make America Great Again, and I intend to do my utmost to see that victory won and the promise kept.

I have been in the service of the United States, first in the Air Force, as an enlisted man and a  Defense Contractor in Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm, during the First Gulf War and then as an Ohio Representative in the Ohio General Assembly. I have seen government at its best and I have experienced it at its worst. I have traveled from Asia, to the Middle East, the South Pacific, and to Europe. From all of this, I have developed an image of America as fulfilling the role of defender of the light and all that is good and sacred, freedom for those that seek freedom, the bearer of the cross in a time of peril and uncertainty -- and a view of the American people as confident, courageous, generous and persevering. To put it simply — “We are the good guys and we do good things even in the face of danger."

It is with this image that I begin my campaign. I ask all the good people of the 9th Congressional District to vote for me, and put Kraus in the House!

God Bless you, your family, and God Bless America!

Steven W. Kraus

Steven W. Kraus

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“Marcy Kaptur is so polarizing within Congress that not even mainstream democrats will work with her to better our community. Steve can work with anybody, he is hard not to like and he knows how to find a way to get things done. We need that in Washington!”

Jeff Berquist (Stadtmiller Realty)