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    Strengthen Our North Coast Economy
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    Relief for Victims of Both Sides of Ohio's Drug War
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    Enact Term Limits
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    Provide the Best Healthcare for All
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    Let Teachers Teach, and Parents Choose
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    Criminal Justice Reform
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    Maintain our Borders


Avon Ohio Ford Truck Plant

Strengthening Our North Coast Economy

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Ohio’s North Coast economy is just starting to recover. Unemployment is at record lows, major steel plants are firing back up, and good trade policies are empowering our manufacturers in the North Coast. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act helped bring some of this prosperity to the district; my own mother has seen her pension payments rise. To bring Ohio’s 9th District back to its full might, I will fight to keep the tax cuts and:

​•I will introduce legislation to stop taxing employees after the 30th hour. We should be recognizing the value of work, and Ohioans should be able to take that money home to take care of their families, instead of being spent by career politicians in Washington.

•Americans, including Ohioans, spend at least $1 trillion per year complying with an outdated, bloated, and complicated tax code . For too long, politicians and major corporations have used the tax code as a tool to garner special favors for them and special punishments for their competition. I will work to end this crony capitalism by ending the practice of using the tax code as a substitute for law. Everyone should be subject to the same tax system, and I will work to make that a reality.

I will immediately introduce legislation to audit and end the Federal Reserve, America’s most powerful private bank. Ohio’s minimum wage is $8.30 per hour. For many people, this is not a livable wage. However, without raising the minimum wage, if the Federal Reserve had not manipulated the price of the dollar, that same wage would be worth over $50 per hour today. I will take action to determine the extent of the Federal Reserve’s irresponsible monetary policies and work to end them. (You can see how much your wage would be worth without the Fed here: BLS Inflation Calculator)


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Relief for Both Sides of the Drug War

• There are two drug wars going on in communities in the 9th District. In the first, the war on opioids, my district is losing. 4,000 Ohioans die of opioid overdoses every single year. 1,000 in the 9th District alone. This number continues to increase, while community-based solutions are reducing overdoses in 13 other states. 

• In the second side of the war, the 9th District is also losing. In 2016, 17,000 Ohioans were arrested for possession of marijuana. While I do not believe drugs have a positive influence on society, for too long our proposal to address their influence has been make everything illegal and jail more of our citizens, with little results to show for it. I will:

• Work with local leaders to implement programs like the Montgomery County, OH Community Overdose Action Team who, through community involvement, reduced overdoses in the county by 60%. I will also work on the federal level to increase access to Naloxone, a life-saving overdose recovery drug.

• Work to bring federal cannabis laws in line with the State of Ohio, reducing incarceration for simple possession, increase access to research on medical cannabis, and work with local leaders for community-oriented approaches to reducing the influence of drugs in our district.


Provide the Best Healthcare for All

We all want the best healthcare for our families, our friends, and our neighbors. America’s current healthcare system has failed to provide that for Americans, and that is no less true in our 9th District. Democrats and Republicans have used Ohio as a political football, while we need solutions that fit our District and our state. Rather than force everyone in Ohio’s 9th district into either single-payer healthcare or onto private insurers, I will make sure each person in Ohio is empowered to choose the care that works for them:

I will introduce legislation to allow people in Ohio to direct their tax dollars to nonprofit health organizations, such as free clinics, health care sharing options, and cash clinics, if they believe they will get better care from those organizations. These organizations often deliver better outcomes than government can, at a much lower price. The Federal government collects more revenue from Ohioans than 40 other states, and we should be able to use those dollars for healthcare that works for our state.

•I will then roll these savings back into the Federal health care system to ensure coverage of pre-existing conditions. Just because we have a failed health care system does not mean we should punish those with pre-existing conditions.

I will support all efforts to make healthcare pricing transparent. It is an outrage that a person can compare prices on cell phones but not on surgeries, medical procedures, or even prescriptions. Competition lowers prices and increase quality, and transparent pricing will bring quality back to the health care system.

I will introduce legislation to allow healthcare to be sold across state lines. Restricting health care to only in-state insurers has helped limit competition and keep prices high for people in the 9th District. I will take action to allow Americans to choose which insurer works best for them and their family, no matter what state the insurer is based in. 


Let Teachers Teach, and Parents Choose

As a student from the Ohio public school system, and from family of educators, I recognize the value of the school system, while also recognizing where it needs reform. Nearly 30% of high school students in Ohio and the 9th District do not graduate, and many more are not equipped with the life skills needed to thrive in today’s economy. Our schools should be safe, innovative learning environments to prepare our children for the challenges of life. To improve Ohio’s education system, I will:

Introduce legislation at the federal level to repeal common core. Common core standards embrace a one-size-fits-none policy, forcing every state to adopt the same educational standards and practices, even if those standards do not fit the state. Teachers are forced to spend more time meeting federal standards and filling out paperwork, and less time teaching, and our kids suffer as a result. I will work to repeal these standards and allow states and schools to voluntarily choose the teaching methods that work best for their children.

•Parents want the best schools to teach their children, and teachers need the resources to teach our kids. 9th District public schools spend an average $12,102 per year to educate a single child . Private schools, on the other hand, cost an average of $6,954 per year, per student in our state. I will work to allow taxpayers to take up to $3,500 of their Federal tax liability and use that to educate their child at an alternative school. For each student that is taken out of the public school system, we will save $5,000 which will then be rolled into Federal education for those that cannot afford it. If just 10% of Ohio taxpayers take advantage of this program it will result in an additional $1 Billion for public education in Ohio.

I will work to make our schools in Ohio safe. It is unconscionable that in America any parent should have to worry about their child’s safety at school. I will work to allow teachers at any school to arm themselves to protect their students, and encourage voluntary school programs to hire more veterans as School Safety Officers. 


Term Limits

Politics should be for service, not lifetime appointments. Fifteen states, including Ohio, have term limits. However, Federal politicians can serve as long as they want. Each election, an incumbent congressperson raises more and more money, and the more money they raise, the more they can use to defend their re-election. For many in Congress, it is simply impossible to remove them unless you are a multimillionaire. We need leadership that actually represents the people today, so I will:

Introduce legislation to enact term limits on any new member of Congress, including myself.
•Remain in office no longer than 6 years serving the 9th District.


Defending The Second Amendment

• As a longtime gun-owner and veteran, I support the rights of all law-abiding citizens to exercise their Constitutional Right to Keep and Bear Arms and use firearms for lawful purposes. I am an active member of the NRA, and have been trained to use firearms safely. I will always defend the Constitutional Rights of law-abiding Americans.

• When someone uses a firearm to commit a crime, the best response is to prosecute the individual responsible for breaking the law instead of the fundamental right itself. Criminals that abuse firearms should be prosecuted to the fullest extent.


Standing Up For Our Veterans

As a U.S. Air Force veteran, I know our nation can do better for our veterans. Today, long lines and longer waits plague any veteran who has to endure our healthcare system. Nearly 22 veterans take their lives due to PTSD every single day; almost every hour another serviceman takes their own life. I believe our nation can do better for our vets, and I will:

Expand access to private care. In 2014, the VA Choice program was implemented to allow veterans to seek private care when the Veterans Administration offices are too far away or appointments take too long . In 2017 Congress passed the bipartisan VA Choice improvement act to slightly improve the program; however the VA is still responsible for scheduling and management of the Choice Program. I will work to expand immediate access to private care without requiring veterans to go through the Veteran’s Administration at all.

Introduce legislation to federally allow testing of cannabis for treatment of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). We lose 22 veterans every day to suicide. Many of those suicides are due to PTSD. Medical cannabis has been shown to have a significant effect on limiting the symptoms and agony of PTSD, however, most testing of cannabis is still federally illegal. We should not let outdated laws stand in the way of our veterans receiving help.


Criminal Justice Reform

Our criminal justice system has turned into a “just us” system, where prosecutors and judges work together to serve political purposes, instead of the cause of justice. Our laws are numerous and unreadable to the common man, and our judges write new laws through opinions and judgments. Over 90% of crimes in this country never go to trial, and there are even practices that hold you, or your property, guilty until proven innocent. As your representative, I will:

Hold Federal judges accountable. Congress has the power to impeach Federal judges that exercise powers that are not in the constitution or fail to exercise their constitutional duty. I will work with the Attorney General to draft articles of impeachment in Congress on judges that do not uphold their oaths to the Constitution.

Reform prosecutorial immunity. If you or I file a frivolous lawsuit against another person, we can be sued ourselves. This is to limit the use of the courts to legitimate matters instead of personal vendettas or conviction rates. However, it is nearly impossible to hold a prosecutor accountable for charging a person they did not have evidence to charge, knew was not guilty, or misleading a grand jury. I will introduce legislation to allow defendants to hold prosecutors accountable for misconduct.

Reduce mandatory minimums. During the civil rights era and prior African-Americans were almost always sentenced more harshly by the courts than all other Americans. To combat this inequality, mandatory minimum sentencing was created, mandating minimum sentences for certain crimes no matter the defendant. While this was supposed to cut down on racially-based sentencing, African Americans today are still likely to be sentenced to longer sentences than other Americans, and mandatory minimum sentences have primarily resulted in more nonviolent offenders, regardless of circumstance, ending up in our prisons. I will work to reform mandatory minimum laws because prison should not always be the answer.

Introduce legislation to immediately end civil asset forfeiture. Civil asset forfeiture is a process by which a law enforcement agency may take your property, and you must sue to get it back. You are guilty until you prove your innocence, and if you don’t have the money or resources to do so, law enforcement may keep your property. In 2017, law enforcement agencies took more assets through civil asset forfeiture than burglars took from homes. Ohio now has strict laws against civil asset forfeiture, but they do not apply to Federal agencies. I will introduce legislation to put an immediate end to civil asset forfeiture by all Federal agencies. 


Maintaining Our Borders

Ohio has a long and distinguished history of being an agricultural community that proudly employs thousands of legal migrant workers to help feed our nation and the world. As someone who’s family roots can be traced back to legal immigration, I understand and appreciate all the contributions that immigrants have done to make America great. As a descendant of legal immigrants, I fully endorse and support the legal entry of foreign nationals to migrate to this great country of ours and invite them to become contributing citizens of the United States of America. I most strongly oppose foreign nationals illegally crossing our open borders or overstaying their visas and becoming illegal aliens. We must have secure borders and an effective, thorough and enforceable immigration policy to maintain the safety, sovereignty and security of every American citizen.

I strongly support the funding and building of a border wall. If you’re out on the middle of a lake, and your boat is leaking, you plug the holes first, before you bail out the water. Similarly, we must secure the borders first, before we can address the issue of illegal aliens that are already inside our country.

I strongly support ICE and the deportation of all illegal aliens that are violent and/or drug criminals.

I strongly support an extreme vetting of all immigrants into our country. As a former member of the armed forces who has served overseas during times of war it is imperative that we know exactly who is coming into our country to insure the safety of the American citizenry. Borders, Language and Culture are what makes a Sovereign Nation, and without that, we will cease being the United States of America.

•After the border is secure and the illegal aliens that are violent, drug traffickers, MS -13 gang members and/or felons are deported, then I will participate in a thoughtful discussion of how to help the other 22 million illegal aliens and dreamers.


Clean Energy for the North Coast

I will work to bring more clean energy jobs to the 9th District. There is a staggering amount of natural gas in Lake Erie, and Ohio is one of 30 states with a nuclear power plant . I will support all efforts to keep the Davis-Besse Nuclear Power plants profitable and open to keep 750 jobs in the 9th District. I will also support efforts to increase natural gas investment in our district.

I will move nuclear energy under “renewable energy.” Wind, solar, and water-powered energy plants are all considered renewable energy, and get access to millions of dollars of subsidies from the Federal government. However, Nuclear energy is considered “non-renewable” despite being low-to-zero carbon, to prop up energy sources that could not exist without taxpayer dollars. If the Federal government is going to hand out subsidies for clean energy, it should include nuclear plants that are already running, not just solar and wind farms that have yet to be built.