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Avon Ohio Ford Truck Plant

Strengthening Job Creation & The Economy

• As a small business owner, I understand that American job creators need: less interference and lower taxes. That is why my number one priority in Congress is to promote an atmosphere for job creation, economic growth, and higher wages for families across Ohio’s North Coast.

• An outdated tax code and unnecessary regulatory burdens influences companies to send American jobs across the border. I will work with President Trump to improve upon the policies of de-taxation and deregulation. We can never tax or regulate ourselves into prosperity. I will fight for a pro-growth simplified tax-plan and regulatory policies that will encourage job growth and wage increases for all Americans.

• Regulatory burdens from Washington fall heaviest on small businesses. Businesses with fewer than 20 employees spend more than $2,000 per employee than big businesses to comply with federal mandates. I have no problem with common sense regulation but will use every available tool to combat bureaucratic overreach and eliminate unnecessary regulations that slow economic growth and threaten Ohio’s badly needed North Coast jobs.

• I support dramatically simplifying our tax code by more than lowering rates, we can replace the income tax with a Constitutionally limited national sales tax. A national sales tax is collected by the states and restores power to the states by giving states the power of the purse.


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Relief for Both Sides of the Drug War

• There are two drug wars going on in communities in the 9th District. In the first, the war on opioids, my district is losing. 4,000 Ohioans die of opioid overdoses every single year. 1,000 in the 9th District alone. This number continues to increase, while community-based solutions are reducing overdoses in 13 other states. 

• In the second side of the war, the 9th District is also losing. In 2016, 17,000 Ohioans were arrested for possession of marijuana. While I do not believe drugs have a positive influence on society, for too long our proposal to address their influence has been make everything illegal and jail more of our citizens, with little results to show for it. 

My Solutions:

• I will work with local leaders to implement programs like the Montgomery County, OH Community Overdose Action Team who, through community involvement, reduced overdoses in the county by 60%. I will also work on the federal level to increase access to Naloxone, a life-saving overdose recovery drug.

• I will work to bring federal cannabis laws in line with the State of Ohio, reducing incarceration for simple possession, increase access to research on medical cannabis, and work with local leaders for community-oriented approaches to reducing the influence of drugs in our district.


Enacting A Balanced Budget Amendment

• We must enact a Balanced Budget Amendment. A Balanced Budget Amendment would prevent the federal government from spending outside its means. Families across Ohio’s North Coast have to sit down and balance their budget. The State of Ohio has to pass a balanced budget every year; it’s common sense that Washington should have to do the same.

• We don’t have a tax problem, we have a spending problem and a monetary creation problem. I will vote against measures that increase spending and raise taxes. A Balanced Budget Amendment is the best way to cure Washington’s addiction to spending your hard-earned tax dollars.


Protecting the Sanctity of Life

• The sanctity of life is close to my heart and dear to my family. Protecting life beginning with conception is a value that cannot be compromised and something that I will continue to fight for.  I stressed this for years as a member of my church and as a church elder in Sandusky and will continue to fight for the unborn as a member of Congress.

•  Adoption doesn’t just change lives of the children, it changes the lives of everyone involved including the parents, the grandparents, the aunts and uncles, and the sisters and brothers. I am proud to promote a culture of life and advocate on behalf of families who seek to adopt a child into their home.


Supporting Ohio's Agriculture

• Agriculture is one of the strongest economic drivers on Ohio’s North Coast and throughout the state. In fact, the impact of food and agriculture on Ohio’s economy accounts for nearly one in four jobs. The Ninth District is one of the most agriculturally diverse in Ohio and is one of the most important to farmers because of its inclusion of Lake Erie. I have consistently fought for the hard working farmers in the Ninth District, and will continue to support North Coast farmers and growers. I will work to find solutions that will allow farmers to make a profit while preserving Lake Erie


Defending The Second Amendment

• As a longtime gun-owner and veteran, I support the rights of all law-abiding citizens to exercise their Constitutional Right to own Keep and Bear Arms and use firearms for lawful purposes. I am an active member of the NRA, and have been trained to use firearms safely. I will always defend the Constitutional Rights of law-abiding Americans.

• When someone uses a firearm to commit a crime, the best response is to prosecute the individual responsible for breaking the law instead of the fundamental right itself. Criminals that abuse firearms should be prosecuted to the fullest extent.


Standing Up For Our Veterans

• As the son of a veteran and a veteran myself, ensuring that our veterans are treated with the dignity and respect they have earned is very personal to me. It’s clear the federal government has failed our veterans. I will hold the VA accountable and fight for drastic reforms so the men and women who have served our nation are placed first.


Preserving & Protecting The Great Lakes

• Ohio’s North Coast residents have long understood the importance of the Great Lakes, but outside of the region, some folks don’t quite grasp how these picturesque settings, beautiful beaches, and pristine sunsets play a vital role in our economy.

• Thousands of Ohio jobs depend on the “Blue Economy.” I will lead the charge to make sure money set aside for harbor maintenance, dredging, and beach repair is actually used for its intended purpose. Ports, harbors, and beaches in Toledo, Cleveland, Port Clinton, Kelley’s Island, South Bass, Sandusky, Marblehead, Rocky River and throughout the Great Lakes are vital to Ohio’s economy and tourism. I will always fight to keep them properly dredged, repaired and fully navigable.

• I will pursue all avenues to ensure that the Great Lakes are protected for all Ohioans to enjoy. In order to combat harmful algal blooms, we must act on a comprehensive strategy. This strategy should include: the reduction of phosphorus and nitrogen used in fertilizers,  better soil amendments, soil stabilization, and over the long run, a permanent improvement of troubled watersheds that are proven to leach phosphorus and nitrogen in Lake Erie should be pursued. This won’t be an easy task, however, with cooperation from farmers and other Great Lakes States, we can protect our treasured natural resources for future generations.


Improving Education By Putting Students First

• As a father, I know that educational decisions are best in the hands of parents, their teachers, and school leaders. For too long, bureaucrats at the Department of Education have directed how our education dollars are spent and what our children learn through top-down mandates like Common Core. I believe that states should be allowed to direct education dollars to meet their own most pressing needs.

• Children from underperforming schools should be able to carry federal funding with them to the school that best meets their needs. Our children deserve more public and private education opportunities. This will boost accountability in schools around our country.


Defending The Constitution

• Defending our Constitution is the foremost responsibility of any Member of Congress. As the size of government grows, the American people are rightly concerned about its interference in our lives. Congress must act as a check and balance to protect the freedoms and liberties that we hold dear.


Empowering People, Combating Poverty

• From a young age, my parents taught me to be kind, generous, and to value service. Ohioans share these values and are blessed with numerous churches and charitable organizations who serve the most vulnerable in our communities. The federal government can do a better job of helping people escape the poverty trap. It is time to stop measuring the success of anti-poverty programs not by how much money is spent, but instead by how many people are helped.

• I believe that we should equip people with a skill-set that will help them find and maintain a good paying job. Additionally, work should be incentivized so that no one loses money after getting a raise. Let’s test the system and promote the ideas that actually work. More opportunities can be created for millions of Americans by attacking poverty at its roots, rewarding work, and tailoring benefits to people’s needs.


Enacting Real Healthcare Reform

• When Obamacare was signed into law, Americans were promised that their costs would go down, that care would improve, and that more choices would be available. Today, we know these claims to be fiction and that Obamacare has failed. In reality, costs have skyrocketed, the quality of care has been driven down, and hardworking Ohioans have had to change doctors because Obamacare did not cover the doctor their family has seen for years.

• I will fight to replace Obamacare with better free-market solutions that places patients, families, and doctors in charge of care instead of Washington, D.C. I believe that every American can have access to quality, affordable care by making health insurance portable from job to job so that we no longer have to rely on our employer for insurance.

• I will fight to allow Ohioans the right to waive their right to sue physicians in exchange for reduced healthcare costs.

• Health savings accounts should be more accessible and easier to use, small businesses and individuals should be allowed to band together to reduce costs, and junk lawsuits must be stopped. Finally, no one should ever have to worry about their coverage being taken away because of their age, income, or medical condition.


Increasing Responsible Domestic Energy Production

• Our nation is in the midst of an energy boom. Affordable, reliable energy has never been more accessible. This keeps costs down, creates jobs, and protects us from relying on foreign nations to meet our energy needs. At the same time, we must strike a balance between economic growth and protecting our environment. That is why I support a responsible strategic approach to increasing American energy supplies that ensure Ohio’s North Coast's energy demands are met. I SUPPORT ALL EFFORTS THAT WOULD ALLOW DAVIS BESSE AND PERRY NUCLEAR TO BECOME PROFITABLE AND STAY OPEN.

• I will fight to end subsidies that do not protect domestic energy producers from America’s expensive regulation and preserve national security.

• I will fight to ensure we have a stable and robust energy grid with market sustainable and leading technologies at world competitive prices.